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Edited by Marilyn Dumont
Categories: Fiction
Series: Initiations

In many native cultures, the young are trained and taught new traditions and skills by the appropriate knowledge and skill keepers. To formalize a new position gained or earned, an initiation ceremony ...

Sky Woman

Edited by Sandra Laronde
Categories: Fiction
Series: Sky Woman

When Sky Woman fell from the upper world through a hole in the sky, earth was born. Since then, as Indigenous women, we have been resourceful, resilient and remarkable in our will to keep falling and ...

Gatherings 14

Edited by Karen Olson
Categories: Fiction
Series: Gatherings

Gatherings is an anthology compiled by the En'owkin Centre, an Indigenous post-secondary institution designed to develop writers and artists by using the practices of, and implementing, Indigenous knowledge ...

Gatherings Volume 13

Edited by Leanne Flett Kruger & Lee Maracle
Categories: Poetry
Series: Gatherings

This year's theme of Reconciliation: Elders as Knowledge Keepers brings together a unique blend of stories and poems from Aboriginal authors. The writers reflect on their experiences of learning from ...

Gatherings XI

Edited by Florene Belmore
Categories: Fiction
Series: Gatherings

I now realize what a monumental task it is for the editors and Theytus Books to publish Gatherings on an annual basis. However, I also understand the importance of publishing a current and vibrant collection ...

Gatherings X

Edited by Greg Young-Ing & Florene Belmore
Categories: Fiction
Series: Gatherings

Volume Ten celebrates the first decade of publication with a selection of some of the best material published in the journal to date.

Includes authors Evan Telsa Adams, Howard Adams, Jeannette Armstrong, ...

Gatherings III

Edited by Greg Young-Ing
Categories: Fiction
Series: Gatherings

Gatherings - The En'owkin Journal of First North American People, is an annual publication from the En'owkin Centre and Theytus Books. Each year hosting a new theme and a variety of Aboriginal authors ...

Gatherings, Volume VIII

By Joyce Joe
Categories: Fiction
Series: Gatherings

Like all of our contemporary art our stories are never "one thing. " Among the works you'll find here are very few laughs just for the sake of laughing. In each of the pieces lives a teacher; there is ...

Gatherings V

Edited by Beth Cuthand & William George
Categories: Fiction
Series: Gatherings

Blues, reds, golds, greens, oranges and indigo spiral past, present, future. Water, wind, earth, woman, and children connect and celebrate the circle. This edition of the En'owkin Journal of First North ...