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Wild Woman Alphabet

"A bunch of wild women once wandered this land and thought that their dinners had gotten too bland. They set out in search of fine foods they could get and ate up the sounds of the whole alphabet. "

Wild ...

When the Spirits Dance

When Lawrence's father goes overseas with the Canadian Army during the Second World War, the young Cree boy struggles to grow up while wrestling with the meaning of war. With Papa gone, Mama raises the ...

Eyes, Ears, Nose and Mouth

By Karen Olson
Illustrated by Leonard George
Categories: Children's Nonfiction
Series: Caring For Me

What happens when you get a bead stuck up your nose? Tony's visit to the doctor's office shows how to take care of eyes, ears, nose and mouth.

Taking Care of Mother Earth

Charlie and Grandma are doing chores around the house. While doing the chores, Grandma shares loving stories with Charlie about how to take care of mother earth.


Edited by Marilyn Dumont
Categories: Fiction
Series: Initiations

In many native cultures, the young are trained and taught new traditions and skills by the appropriate knowledge and skill keepers. To formalize a new position gained or earned, an initiation ceremony ...

Stones and Switches

Stones and Switches takes the reader into the world of the Micmacs during the depression era - a world where beautiful legends and terrible spiritual powers meet; a world where a hard-working people struggle ...