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From Lishamie

From Lishamie

By Albert Canadien
Series: From Lishamie
Paperback : 9781894778657, 284 pages, June 2010


With astonishing detail, Albert Canadien fondly recounts his boyhood years in Lishamie, a traditional Dene camp north of the Mackenzie River, and reflects on the devastating and long-lasting impact residential schooling had on him, his family and his people. Separated at a young age from his parents and forced to attend a strict Catholic boarding school, the authorand many like himwas robbed of his language, community and traditional way of living. From Lishamie is a candid memoir of loss and of the journey back.


Torn from his family to cry under covers, follow like a sheep, and learn not to care. "Your mother has passed; go to the chapel," were the words, delivered by a nun, to scared 7-year-old Albert Canadian, who waited alone in the chapel at Ft. Providence NT residential school for hours. From Lishamie focuses on the loss of language, culture, exposure to the land, and brings a stark contrast of life pre- and post-residential schools. This rich and lasting book portrays the fullness of life on the land, the seasons, travelling with the food sources, and community.

- Anishinabek News