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Nk'Mip Chronicles - Art from the Inkameep Day School

Nk'Mip Chronicles

Art from the Inkameep Day School

Edited by Andrea Walsh
Series: Nk'Mip Chronicles
Paperback : 9780973392401, 64 pages, December 2002


This is a refreshing historical document about identity and education in a Native community in the time of residential schools. Anthony Walsh arrived at the Inkameep Day School in 1932 and started teaching. He had little experience in education but encouraged the children to explore their Aboriginal identity through art and drama. Anthony Walsh's educational style was a century ahead of its time. He successfully integrated the visual and dramatic fine arts in his curriculum. As a result, the children's plays and artwork won international recognition. You can now find the Inkameep children's artwork on the Virtual Museum of Canada and at the Osoyoos Museum in British Columbia.