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Deborah Delaronde

I am compelled to create something that I consider "beautiful." My only hope is that a reader will find what I have created beautiful, too. - Deborah L. Delaronde

As a child, Deborah attended Duck Bay School, where she learned to read with the Dick and Jane books. When her family moved to The Pas, she was pleasantly surprised to discover that schools had libraries - and books that were far more interesting than Dick and Jane! "I remember a plain light blue book with no pictures, even on the cover; just the title, 'Beauty and the Beast.' I loved that story back then and still do today."

Deborah says that while a lot of her stories are based on childhood memories, some are based on sleeping inspirations, meaning that the idea for the book developed while she was sleeping. "When those kind of inspirations occur, I am compelled to get up and follow through with writing all the ideas and feelings associated with those ideas before I can go back to sleep again!"

Métis author Deborah L. Delaronde was born in St. Boniface, Manitoba, in 1958. She grew up in the Métis community of Duck Bay, Manitoba, and has worked in Duck Bay School as a children's librarian for the past 20 years. As a result of writing and promoting literacy, Deborah was awarded the Lieutenant-Governor's Medal for Literacy.

Books By Deborah Delaronde