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How the Fox Saved the People

By Virginia Football
Illustrated by James Wedzin
Categories: Children's Fiction
Series: Fox

Hunger strikes the people, and Raven is mysteriously happy. Fox decides to find out why. Follow Fox as he uses his cunning skills to solve the mystery. Includes an audio and interactive multimedia CD ...

Comment le Renard a Obtenu des Jambes Tordues

By Virginia Football
Illustrated by James Wedzin
Categories: Children's Fiction
Series: Fox

Comment le Renard a Obtenu des Jambes Tordues est une histoire issue de la tradition orale du people Tlicho. Elle prend ses origines bien avant l'histoire ecrite, a une epoque ou les animaux et les gens ...

Dream Catcher

When nightmares start troubling her, young Marin goes to her grandmother's home to see an Elder. After visiting with the Elder Maskwa, Marin better understands her dreams and the importance of ritual, ...

Racin' Jason

By Elaine Wagner
Illustrated by Janet Kaszonyi
Categories: Children's Fiction

Racin' Jason is an uplifting tale of one orphan boy's unwavering faith in the abandoned Appaloosa colt that he raises and transforms into a racehorse. Jason develops a special bond with the colt that he ...

The Legend of the Caribou Boy / Ekwò Dǫzhìa Wegondl

By George Blondin
Illustrated by Ray McSwain
Translated by Mary Rose Sundberg
Categories: Children's Fiction

Maintaining the Dene storytelling tradition of passing along the teachings to their children, John Blondin relayed the story of The Legend of the Caribou Boy as he heard it from his father, George Blondin ...

Eat, Run and Live Healthy

Nurse Ellen visits Annie Calf Robe's classroom. Through the use of Nurse Ellen's big, colorful pictures and fun activities, the children learn about the importance of healthy foods.

Written for children ...

Living Safe, Playing Safe

By Karen W. Olson
Illustrated by Leonard George
Categories: Children's Fiction
Series: Caring For Me

Tony, Rainey, Jennifer, and Mavis love playing and, with the help of their parents, after a few mishaps they learn important safety lessons at school, in the kitchen and in the playground.

Written for ...

Looking After Me

A sweet story about a little Quail who, through the love of his family, learns life lessons about feelings, emotions and expressing oneself. Written for children of all backgrounds, with colorful illustrations, ...

Taking Care of Mother Earth

Charlie and Grandma are doing chores around the house. While doing the chores, Grandma shares loving stories with Charlie about how to take care of mother earth.