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Zoe and the Fawn

Zoe and the Fawn

By Catherine Jameson
Illustrated by Julie Flett
Series: Zoe and the Fawn
Paperback : 9781894778435, 32 pages, November 2006


An adventure begins when Zoe finds a lone fawn in the forest and helps search for its mother. But who could the mother be? A bunny? A fish? Join Zoe and her father as they encounter many woodland animals and learn their Native names along the way. The tale is simple yet charming. Zoe's inquisitive nature is endearing, as is her father's gentle patience. And as Zoe encounters various animals, their Okanagan (Syilx) names appear in the text. These Okanagan words add to the educational value of the story, but they do not interrupt the flow of the narrative for non-Okanagan readers.


When Zoe and her father venture outside to feed the horses, they discover a fawn curled up under an aspen tree. Zoe and her dad proceed to see if they are able to locate the fawn's mother. In the process, their search brings them across a woodpecker, a trout and a rabbit. "That is not the fawn's mother," Zoe says, continuing her search. Highly Recommended

- Gregory Bryan University of Manitoba