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Native American Studies

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Legends and Teachings of Xeel's, the Creator

By Ellen Rice White
Foreword by Jo-Ann Archibald
Categories: Social Science
Series: IndigLits

Legends and Teachings of Xeel's, the Creator is the final book by celebrated Indigenous educator Dr. Ellen White. She died in 2018 at the age of ninety-four. White was a cultural knowledge keeper, author, ...

Memories of a Metis Settlement

Edited by Constance Brissenden
Categories: History

An endearing historical text that brings you to the center of the East Prairie Metis community. Experiences shared by the firsthand accounts of Elders and settlers are supplemented with personal photographs ...


By Ruby Slipperjack
Categories: Fiction
Series: Weesquachak

At times heart-stopping, at times heartbreaking, but always alive with a mixture of irresistible characters and real emotions, this story is a testament to the saving graces of community, of family, of ...

Tortured People

This book grew out of the experiences of life and political struggle under colonization in M├ętis and other Aboriginal communities in Canada. It provides a uniquely Aboriginal socio-political perspective ...

Creating Community

Creating Community is a special book about imagination and challenge. We know that writers try to tell us things. We know that what they tell is culturally-based. But what exactly are Aboriginal authors ...

Stories And Images Of What The Horse Has Done For Us

This book is a photo journal of the special relationship between the horse and the Okanagan people. Included are stories from Okanagan oral tradition, Okanagan Elders' statements, and stories about the ...

Gatherings, Volume VII - Standing Ground

Indigenous writers. this is our territory. this is indigenous land where our values, our ways of speaking, our oral traditions, our languages, our philosophies, our concepts, our histories, our literary ...

Entering the Warzone

Entering the Warzone is the first book to deal with the Oka crisis from a Mohawk viewpoint. Goodleaf was directly involved in the standoff between the Mohawks and the Canadian army in the summer of 1990. ...

Mirrna & the Marmots

The Vancouver Island Marmot is a very special animal. It is an endangered mammal that lives within the boundaries of Canada. Mammals are creatures who, when babies, drink milk from their mothers. People ...