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Inconvenient Skin / nayêhtâwan wasakay

By Shane L. Koyczan
Illustrated by Joseph M. Sánchez & Jim Logan
By (artist) Kent Monkman
Photographs by Nadya Kwandibens
Categories: Poetry
Series: IndigLits

Inconvenient Skin challenges how reconciliation has become a contested buzzword filled with promises and good intentions but rarely with any meaningful follow-through. While Canada's history is filled ...

These Threads Become a Thinner Light

By David A. Groulx
Categories: Poetry

"This is a book of truth, difficult truth, real truth, beautiful truth." —Norma Dunning, Canadian Poetries 


In this collection of poetry, powerhouse author David Groulx uses his deft and forceful ...

Breath Tracks

By Jeannette Armstrong
Categories: Poetry
Series: Breath Tracks

The writings of Jeannette Armstrong, who is an Okanagan Indian, are eloquent, forceful and innovative. Her tone is clear, her stance honest, her words shimmer in beauty. This book of poems tracks with ...

Voices in the Waterfall

Revised and re-released, this ethereal collection of poetry and prose is written in four distinct yet cohesive parts: Our Sacred Spaces, Invasion, Revolution and Return to Our Sacred Spaces. Through haunting ...

Gatherings Volume 13

Edited by Leanne Flett Kruger & Lee Maracle
Categories: Poetry
Series: Gatherings

This year's theme of Reconciliation: Elders as Knowledge Keepers brings together a unique blend of stories and poems from Aboriginal authors. The writers reflect on their experiences of learning from ...

Gatherings XI

Edited by Florene Belmore
Categories: Fiction
Series: Gatherings

I now realize what a monumental task it is for the editors and Theytus Books to publish Gatherings on an annual basis. However, I also understand the importance of publishing a current and vibrant collection ...

Bent Box

By Lee Maracle
Categories: Poetry
Series: Bent Box

Bent Box is the first collection of poetry by Lee Maracle. The poems speak volumes of emotion ranging from quiet desperation to bitter anger to the depths of love. Maracle adds a rich blend of prose and ...

Gatherings X

Edited by Greg Young-Ing & Florene Belmore
Categories: Fiction
Series: Gatherings

Volume Ten celebrates the first decade of publication with a selection of some of the best material published in the journal to date.

Includes authors Evan Telsa Adams, Howard Adams, Jeannette Armstrong, ...

Gatherings III

Edited by Greg Young-Ing
Categories: Fiction
Series: Gatherings

Gatherings - The En'owkin Journal of First North American People, is an annual publication from the En'owkin Centre and Theytus Books. Each year hosting a new theme and a variety of Aboriginal authors ...

Gatherings, Volume VIII

By Joyce Joe
Categories: Fiction
Series: Gatherings

Like all of our contemporary art our stories are never "one thing. " Among the works you'll find here are very few laughs just for the sake of laughing. In each of the pieces lives a teacher; there is ...