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Aboriginality and Governance - A Multlidisciplinary Perspective

Aboriginality and Governance

A Multlidisciplinary Perspective

Edited by Christie Gordon
Series: Aboriginality and Governance
Paperback : 9781894778244, 400 pages, November 2006


The discussion of Aboriginal governance is a highly contested site which brings together history, political theory (both Indigenous and Western), and legal theory, as well as culture, identity and notions of nationhood and citizenship. Gordon Christie has assembled a set of articles from a group of Queb├ęcois academics who lend their perspectives and ideas to this key Canadian issue. The articles show the immense complexity of Aboriginal governance as it develops within an Aboriginal modernity consisting of ideas from all three foundational pillars: English, French and Aboriginal. This is an essential collection that illustrates the key governance debates and themes, both within Aboriginal and Canadian political communities. - David Newhouse, Chair, Indigenous Studies, Trent University