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Two Trails Narrow

By Stephen McGregor
Categories: Fiction
Series: Two Trails Narrow

Ryman McGregor and Abraham Scott have a lot in common. Both are Algonquin half-breeds unhappily attending St. Xavier's Residential School in Ontario and desperately seeking to escape the harsh hands of ...

Shuswap Journey

By Harold Eustache
Categories: Fiction
Series: Shuswap Journey

Journey into Shuswap country in the time of early colonization. A neighbouring Indian tribe from over the Rocky Mountains abducts a group of Shuswap women and a great tale of trouble and triumph unfolds. ...

We Get Our Living Like Milk from the Land

We Get Our Living Like Milk from the Land is the first historical overview of the Okanagan Nation. It starts with the Creation Story, moves through the first contact of colonization and ends in the present. ...