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Kwulasulwut II

By Ellen White
Illustrated by Bill Cohen
Categories: Children's Fiction
Series: Kwulasulwut

This is Ellen White's sequel to Kwulasulwut: Stories from the Coast Salish. The new volume features four more freshly written and translated English versions of traditional Salish legends adapted for ...

Meshom and the Little One

After ten-year-old Shawna moves to the West Coast with her mother, she misses everything from back home, including her school friends and the wide prairie skies of Manitoba. But most of all she misses ...

I am The Eagle Free

Artist Simon Paul-Dene diligently illustrated and painted the contents of this story in hopes that children would reflect upon the importance of reconnecting with their spiritual attachment to the Earth. ...

Enwhisteetkwa Walk in Water

Enwhisteetkwa is an inside view of what life might have been like for an Indian child of eleven in 1860 in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia. The book concludes in the fall season when foods have ...