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The Moon Speaks Cree - A Winter Adventure

The Moon Speaks Cree

A Winter Adventure

By Larry Loyie
Paperback : 9781926886183, 70 pages, February 2013
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The Moon Speaks Cree: A Winter Adventure is the most recent chapter book from Larry Loyie and Constance Brissenden, published by Theytus. Learning the universal lessons of Cree culture, young Lawrence rides his father's long toboggan pulled by four eager dogs, invents a sliding machine that really works from his grandfather's old steamer trunk, reconnects with his older brother and learns the secrets of winter survival from his parents and grandparents. Based on Larry Loyie's traditional Cree childhood, the story teaches deeper lessons: respect for culture and history, the effect of change on Aboriginal people and the importance of being good to animals. 64 pages; includes an Epilogue, Talking Points for Classrooms and a Glossary of Cree words. Recommended for chapter book study.