Gatherings - Water

Unseen Force

Dynise Brisson

Unseen force

Waves crash along the shoreline,
meeting its long lost love.
Embracing each other for a split second,
water and sand part ways again.
That moment they shared
was an eternity for them,
letting each other go
to return at another time.
They journey on their own,
learning different lessons
accomplishing separate tasks.
When they return to one another seasons later,
they share their stories.
Time stops
letting them have that moment.
To even call it a moment is too long.
What brought them together was the words of the wind.
A voice as loud as a feather floating
down from the highest mountain top.
Its voice so powerful,
it carries the water to meet the sand again.
Time and time again,
they meet because of a force stronger than each other.
An unseen force that shapes them both.
A force that carries them to embrace the other,
to share their journey once more.

Dynise Brisson


Dynise Brisson is from the Gitxsan nation in Kispiox B.C. She is also of French ancestry, and grew up in Surrey B.C. She in fluent in French and English, and has a interest in learning Gitxsan, and other languages. Having lived in the lower mainland all her life, she recently moved to Penticton, B.C in 2013. She has a B.A in Psychology from UBC, and has just graduated from the National Aboriginal Professional Artist Training certificate program at the En’owkin Centre. Being a classically trained dancer, Dynise has been dancing for most of her life. She has been teaching various forms of dance for almost 16 years, and has been choreographing her own works (solos, duos, and groups) for 18 years. While she has been focusing on solo performances for the past two years, she was a performer in the 2015 Talking Stick Festival in Vancouver. Aside from being a performer, Dynise has reignited her love for writing. Much of what she writes is all inspired by her life experiences, and when possible, she incorporates her writing into her contemporary dance performances. She is also branching out into traditional, visual, and media arts. She is very excited to keep expanding her creativity, and hopes that people who see her creations can connect with it holistically.