Gatherings - Water

Theytus Books is please to announce the Gatherings-Water project and a call for writing submissions from B.C. based Indigenous Youth on the theme of water. The Gatherings-Water anthology will be published in November 2015 and those writings chosen by an editorial committee will be featured in the book as well as receiving an honorarium and complementary copy.

This special book marks the return of the Gatherings anthologies that were a mainstay of Theytus Books' publishing program for a decade. In addition to the anthology, there will be community engagement writing workshops in four B.C. Indigenous communities (locations and dates to be announced) blogs on the Gatherings-Water website and news and links to issues vital to the importance and future of Water in the B.C. region.

The Gatherings-Water project reflects the cultural rejuvenation of Indigenous Youth in B.C. It is not only a revival of a respected anthology series, but also a new level of engagement between publishing house and community, between established writers and emerging voices, and finally a testament to the connection of Indigenous Youth with the life-sustaining power of water.


Gatherings - Contributions

Unseen Force

Dynise Brisson

Unseen force

Waves crash along the shoreline,
meeting its long lost love.
Embracing each other for a split second,
water and sand part ways again.
That moment they shared
was an eternity for them,
letting each other go
to return at another time.
They journey on their own,
learning different lessons
accomplishing separate tasks.
When they return to one another seasons later,
they share their stories.
Time stops
letting them have that moment.
To even call it a moment is too long.
What brought them together was the words of the wind.
A voice as loud as a feather floating
down from the highest mountain top.
Its voice so powerful,
it carries the water to meet the sand again.
Time and time again,
they meet because of a force stronger than each other.
An unseen force that shapes them both.
A force that carries them to embrace the other,
to share their journey once more.

Dynise Brisson


Links and resources

Resources for the Gatherings-Water project.



Submission Guidelines

This call for submissions is open to Indigenous Youth in the province of B.C., 30 years of age and younger. Submissions can be prose, poetry, nonfiction or based on legends or teachings. Submissions should not exceed 3,000 words.

How to Apply

Email your submission as a .jpg, .pdf, or .docx with a short biography of yourself to Please include 2-3 lines about your submitted work and what Water means to you. Submissions deadline is September 5, 2015.

Theytus Books Ltd. gratefully acknowledges the support of the First Peoples' Cultural Foundation in Making 'Gatherings ~ Water' possible.

The En'owkin is a dynamic institution, which puts into practice the principles of self-determination and the validation of cultural aspirations and identity.