July 2010

Where Mary Went

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Mary Fisher has not had an easy life. Forced into a residential institute after the death of her mother, she and her siblings suffer appalling abuse and neglect. While many around her languish, Mary grows stronger. A precocious child, Mary matures into a resilient woman with a kind heart and quick smile that endears her to everyone she meets and two men in particular: Gmiwan, a sensitive artist whom she will one day marry, and Tom Dunsby, the mayor of Jackson, whose love can never be acknowledged. When Gmiwan goes off to war, Mary struggles to raise her young son alone during the Depression.

Spanning three decades, Where Mary Went is part one of an epic two-volume series.













Anishinabek News

St. Catherine Standard


’’While the work is fictional, it's born from stories and traditional teachings recounted to Lynne by elders, as well as her grandmother.Lynne, 50, grew up in Thorold, in a family whose traditions had been lost for two generations through the effects of residential schools and disenfranchisement.The story really begins with Lynne's great grandmother on her father's side. A Bay of Quinte Mohawk, a woman who could speak five of the six native languages.She died during the birth of her fifth child and shortly afterwards, an Indian Agent came into their home, took away her children and put them in the Mohawk Institute, a residential school in Brantford. Lynne's grandmother, Mary, was one of those children. She was nine.Her grandmother, who died in 1990, was a wonderful storyteller. And Lynne, a wonderful listener.’’

Cheryl Clock

Fort Erie Times

Genre: Fiction
Pub Date: July 2010
ISBN 978-1-894778-96-1
Size: 6x 9
Page Count: 262
Binding: paper
BISAC 1: FIC000000
BISAC 2: FICC027050
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