New Release | December 2018

The Girl and the Wolf

Illustrated by Julie Flett

$22.94 CAD



While picking berries with her mother, a little girl wanders too far
into the woods leaving the safety of her mother behind. Noticing that she has
wandered far enough on her own to get lost, the little girl begins to panic. Adding to
her perceived fear, a large grey wolf makes a sudden appearance between some
distant trees. The wolf sniffs her and tells the little girl that he can help her find her
way home, but she should eat something first. He asks the little girl if she can hunt,
to which she replies “no”. The wolf replies by asking the girl to look at her
surroundings and tell him what she sees. The little girl notices some edible berries
on a nearby bush and states that she can eat them. It’s through these realizations
that the wolf helps the little girl find her own way home. She has the knowledge and
the skill to survive and navigate herself, she just needed to remember that those
abilities were there.


Pub Date: December 2018
ISBN 978-1-926886-54-1