June 2005

Tapwe: Selected Columns of Doug Cuthand

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Binding: paper
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Doug Cuthand has his finger on the rapid pulse of the First Nations from the politics to the pop culture. His columns are brimming with his dry-as-a-stick humour and cutting wit. His natural world insights of contemporary events poke fun at technology, Native politicians, sex and tradition. No stone is left unturned. He's been in the communication business for over 30 years, has worked as a journalist and a politician, so he knows both sides of the truth. And there's nothing truer than Doug Cuthand’s words. Tapwe Doug.—Jamie Monastyrski, Editor, Spirit Magazine


Saskatchewan Book Awards, 2005 - Finalist

Genre: Native Studies
Pub Date: June 2005
ISBN 978-1-894778-21-3
Size: 6 x 9
Page Count: 242
Binding: paper