October 2007

Initiations: A Selection of Young Native Writings

Edited by Marilyn Dumont

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In many Native cultures, the young are taught traditions and skills by the appropriate knowledge and skill keepers. To formalize new positions gained or earned, an initiation ceremony is conducted so that the youth may take their place within the circle of knowledge and skill keepers.

Honouring this spirit, Initiations gathers the work of young Native writers who have earned a place in the circle. The stories, which were selected by Native writing knowledge and skill keepers such as Lee Maracle, Thomas King, Tomson Highway and Marilyn Dumont, focus on historical events of personal or national significance. The stories are as old as traditional legends or as recent as the Caledonia land dispute.


Canadian Material Review

History books have historically been biased, containing only one perspective - that of non-Aboriginals. The stories in Initiations: A Selection of Young Native Writings will enlighten the reader, bringing a fresh perspective, one that had previously only been known through oral tradition. Now, with these stories written down, Initiations will no doubt educate both non-Aboriginal and Aboriginal youth on the history of Canada.


Initiations: A Selection of Young Native Writings is a must-read. Some stories are very enjoyable while others are sad and will evoke deep emotions.Initiations has some language and content not suitable for immature readers.


Highly Recommended.


CM . . . . Volume XV Number 10. . . .January 9, 2009

Dana L. Coates -- Dana L. Coates is a grade 6 teacher in Norway House, MB. Dana was recently published in Northern Writers, Volume 1.

Genre: Fiction
Pub Date: October 2007
ISBN 978-1-894778-47-3
Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Page Count: 168
Binding: paper
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