April 1992

Gatherings - Volume IX Beyond Victimization Forging a Path to Celebration

Edited by Greg Younging

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Binding: paper
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In the ninth volume, we have sought submissions under the theme ‘Beyond Victimization: Forging a Path to Celebration.’ Aboriginal peoples have much to celebrate. Our ceremonies, literature, stories, songs, dances and cultural traditions are all testimony of nations steeped in pride, strength and forbearance. Through cultural celebration, we enable ourselves to respond positively to the issues of the day—thus empowering the agenda of achieving appropriate cultural, political and legal recognition. We hope this theme has produced a volume that encompasses a wide range of literary approaches.—From the introduction by Greg Younging




Genre: Journal – Gatherings
Pub Date: April 1992
ISBN 978-0-919441-84-2
Size: 6 x 9
Page Count: 152
Binding: paper