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Caring for Me Series

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This series was developed through consultations with health promotion workers and early childhood educators. There are six titles in the series that deal with issues such as healthy eating, safety, dealing with feelings and notions of respect. This series is appropriate for ages three to five, and the books have full-colour illustrations.



Eat, Run and Live Healthy
Nurse Ellen visits Annie Calf Robe's
classroom. Nurse Ellen's use of
pictures and fun activities helps
the children learn about the
importance of healthy foods.

Living Safe, Playing Safe
Tony, Rainey, Jennifer and Mavis
love playing. With the help of their
parents, they learn important safety
lessons at school, in the kitchen
and in the playground.

Eyes, Ears, Nose and Mouth
What happens when you get a
bead stuck up your nose? Tony's
visit to the doctor's office shows
how to take care of eyes, ears,
nose and mouth.

Healthy Choices, Healthy Lives
David is scared and full of
questions when his favourite aunt
is yelling. Through the love of
his mommy, David understands
auntie's alcohol problem and
the importance of making healthy

Looking After Me
This is a sweet story about a young quail
who learns life lessons about
laughing, crying, anger, hurt,
happiness, fear, trust, love and
standing up for oneself.

Taking Care of Mother Earth
Charlie and Grandma are doing
chores around the house. While
doing the chores, Grandma
shares loving stories with Charlie
about how to take care of mother earth.






Caring For Me
Caring For Me
Genre: Children
Pub Date: March 2009
ISBN 978-1-894778-67-1
Size: 10 x 8 inches
Page Count: 20 pages each
Binding: Paper
Illustration Note: 9 Full Color Illustrations each
Age Range: Ages 3–5 years