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Daughters are Forever
By Lee Maracle
ISBN 978-1-926886-27-5

$22.94 CAD

$22.94 USD

Dream Catcher
By Stella Calahasen
Genre: Juvenile Fiction
ISBN 978-1-894778-92-3

$17.19 CAD

$16.04 USD

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Porcupines and China Dolls - Soft Cover
By Robert Arthur Alexie
Genre: Fiction
ISBN 978-1-894778-72-5

$28.69 CAD

$26.39 USD

River of Salmon Peoples
ISBN 978-1-926886-41-1

$37.89 CAD

$37.89 USD

Kou-Skelowh / We Are The People: A Trilogy of Okanagan Legends
By Barbara Marchand
Genre: Legend
ISBN 978-1-894778-66-4

$18.95 CAD

$17.95 USD

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(Ad)dressing Our Words: Aboriginal Perspectives on Aboriginal Literatures
By Armand Ruffo
Genre: Literary Criticism
ISBN 978-0-919441-91-0

$26.39 CAD

$19.49 USD

Red Rooms
By Cherie Dimaline
Genre: Fiction
ISBN 978-1-926886-17-6

$21.79 CAD

$21.79 USD

Wild Woman Alphabet
By Doris Muise
Genre: Children
ISBN 978-1-926886-48-0

$28.69 CAD

$28.69 USD

Dah Dzahge Esigits: We Write Our Language
ISBN 978-0-9937781-0-0

$22.94 CAD